When taking a taxi

Here our some simple advice and tips when taking a taxi in Rome

1 - Do you need a taxi? Ask the concierge or you can get one at a taxi rank or by calling the many taxi companies in Rome (ask the concierge)

2 - Only use licensed white vehicles which display the TAXI sign on the roof

3 - If the meter is off ask the driver to switch it on before setting off

4 - There is an extra charge for late-night circulation and luggage

5 - Are you travelling to or from the airport or one of the other standard destinations? You may take advantage of flat rates which may be viewed inside the taxi or on the internet site www.turismoroma.it or call Hotel Montecarlo at + 39 - 06 44 60 000 in every moment

6 - For more information, details and questions call the Hotel Montecarlo staff  at + 39 - 06 44 60 000 or send an e-mail at: info@hotelmontecarlo.it in every moment, 24h no stop

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