When eating out in Rome

Here our some simple advice and tips when eating out in Rome but before don't miss out to follow on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM your best stay and best guide for the most beautiful city in the world.

1 - Need to get an idea of how much you're going to spend? Have a look around: restaurant, bars, cafés, etc are obliged to display their price lists. This also applies to hotels and other such establishments.

2 - The menu you are given should include the price of each individual item and also those of the dishes of the day.

3 - Remember it costs less to have something standing at the bar than it does to be served seated at a table.

4 - Bread is free of charge and there should be no cover charge.

5 - In Italy a tip is appreciated but not compulsory.

6 - Always ask for a receipt and check that the prices correspond to those stated in the menu.

7 - Frozen foods should always be identified on the menu (they are often indicated by an asterisk).

8 - Certain wines can be very expensive. Ask for the wine menu and check the prices in order to avoid any unwelcome surprises-

9 - In the event of a disagreement over the bill, call the municipal police (vigili urbani).

10 - Remember that you are perfectly entitled to ask for just one course and are under no obligation to consume an entire meal.

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